Who we are at Hacienda Tierra Alta

A family-owned farm established in 2013, where we take great pride in being part of Puerto Rico's coffee tradition. We are fully dedicated to cultivating top-quality coffee on our farm, making the most of the favorable climate and fertile soil in the Jayuya region.

We take great pride in bringing the coffee tradition of Jayuya to homes and businesses not only in Puerto Rico but also beyond. Furthermore, we are committed to driving economic growth and job creation in our community. Throughout our history, we have faced significant challenges, such as the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria in 2017, which affected nearly all our crops and forced us to start over.
We invite you to visit Hacienda Tierra Alta in Jayuya and indulge in the exceptional flavor of Café Terra Vida. Each sip you take will be a testament to our resilience and determination to overcome any obstacle. By choosing our coffee, you support a story of perseverance and the renaissance of the coffee tradition in Puerto Rico. Join us on this exciting journey as we cultivate exceptional coffee and build a prosperous future for our island. Together, we will honor Jayuya's coffee tradition and create a positive impact in our community and Puerto Rico.